Выберите лишнее слово в каждом предложении 1 He went to the florist s for to buy a bouquet at flowers 2 Emily is not so talented enough to enter the competition 3 I don't go for camping very often 4 Mrs Keaton made her daughter to stay at home during the holidays. 5 hope that to hear from you soon 6 We saw Helen to get into her car and drive away at top speed. 7 Bungee pumping is a dangerous activity 8 She will always remember about cruising the Caribbean 9 The tickets were too expensive or me to buy them 10 He dislikes to being alone at the weekends 11 You had better not to leave without your passport 12 The house needs being painting. 13 children would love being given toys 14 To spending a lot of money on clothes is foolish

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